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FIC Articles

Financial Institutions Consulting has published the following articles about the financial services industry.

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Date Article Title
April 2010 BAI SB Article Rebuilding the Small Business Franchise (BAI Banking Strategies; April 1, 2010)
January 2010 Viewpoint: Five Key Tasks to Make FDIC Loss-Sharing Work (American Banker; January 12, 2010)
October 2009 Private Equity: The Banker’s Perspective (Banking Strategies; October 1, 2009)
July 2009 Bank Mutual Funds: The Proprietary Dilemma (Banking Strategies; August 1, 2009)
June 2009 Interview: By Paying TARP Back, Are Banks in the Black? (Minnesota Public Radio; June 10, 2009)
March 2006 SME Credit Scoring: Key Initiatives, Opportunities, and Issues (PDF)
June 2005 The Small Business Segmentation Imperative: Why Banks Must Segment to Improve Their Sales and Marketing Focus (PDF)
March 2005 How Account Planning Can Increase Sales
April 2004 How to Move Customers Out of Branches
October 2003 Personal Touch Key with Small Businesses
February 2003 Small Businesses Are a Big Deal
January 2003 Yesterday's Thinking Saps Corporate Banking Profits
May 2002 Why Some Small-Biz Bankers Do More than Just Run in Place
May 2002 Retail Biz More Dependable Than Its Commercial Kin
March 2002 Finding the Key to Sales Excellence: What Do High Performers Do?
Spring 2001 Equipment Leasing: Industry Status and Trends
April 2001 Small Biz Scoring to Face First Test
March 2001 Back To Cost Reductions: Getting It Right This Time
March 2001 The Strategic Tune-up and Sales Management: Linkages for Success
March 2001 The Strategic Tune-up and Sales Management: Linkages for Success 2
March 2001 Going Forward: Anticipating the Key Trends in Serving Small Businesses
March 2001 Use a COP to Increase Commercial Banking Performance
January 2001 Profiling the Online Small Business Customer
January 2001 Serving Small Businesses: Balancing Online And Offline
January 2001 Tailoring Delivery Channels
White Paper Small Business White Paper
December 2000 Serving Specialized Small-Business Markets - Medical Practices
December 2000 Winning in the SME Marketplace
November 2000 E-SIGHT: Achieving Successful SME Online Integration
May 2000 Online Procurement: Testing the Offer
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