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Small and Midsize Business

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Financial Institutions Consulting provides clients with fact-based recommendations resulting from our extraordinary expertise in the SMB (Small and Midsize Business) space.

Having completed over 100 engagements covering 20 countries, FIC's experience incorporates virtually all aspects of SMB banking, including profitability analysis, product development, customer segmentation, distribution, and organizational issues.
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Wealth Management

Wealth Management and Private Banking represent major growth opportunities for the financial services industry.

Financial Institutions Consulting assists senior management in developing business strategies and executing on tactical plans to generate significant revenue and profit growth for these areas, both as stand-alone businesses and in conjunction with business and commercial banking activities.
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Mergers and Acquisitions

Click here to read 'The Coming M and A Explosion' by Charles Wendel

Mergers and Acquisitions requires buyers to evaluate loan portfolios, deposit quality, business strategies, management capabilities, and competitive strengths. FIC works with acquirers to assess each of these areas with targeted expertise.

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Equipment Finance
and Leasing

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Financial Institutions Consulting has extensive, practical experience in most areas within commercial financial. Additionally, in the small business and middle market commercial finance arenas, we possess more practical knowledge and depth of experience than any other consultant.
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